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Earn extra money with the freedom that Zazume offers you

Join our agent program and earn extra money while making your customers even happier 😉

Earn extra money with Zazume

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How can you collaborate with Zazume?

Make visits and earn extra money

Show the properties to people who are interested in the days and times you are available. Get a commission for it.

Delegate rental management and focus on your business

Delegate the rental management to us and guarantee the rental to your customers. Our team will take care of everything while you can focus on your business.

Offer new services to your customers

Build customer loyalty by offering them new services such as protection against non-payment, marketing of their home, incident management...

Earn extra money by making visits

Do you want to earn extra money by visiting the apartments available on our platform? With Zazume, you can. All you have to do is register as an agent on our platform and you can start visiting available apartments in your area.

  • You tell us when and where it is best for you to make the visits. We adapt to your schedule and availability.

  • Take a commission for each property that is rented.

  • No exclusivity. You can work with as many other clients as you want ;)

Earn extra money by making visits

Offer guaranteed rentals to your customers

Do you want to stand out in the real estate market and offer an exceptional service to your customers? Now you can delegate the entire rental management and guarantee the month-to-month payment to your customers.

  • If you focus on buying and selling, we offer you the possibility to monetize rental properties as well, saving time and costs.

  • We are a technology platform operating throughout Spain.

  • You will have access to our platform to control at any time the marketing process of your customers.

Offer guaranteed rentals to your customers

  • We answer calls and messages from prospective tenants and arrange viewings based on your schedule or the property.

  • We carry out solvency studies to help the property in the choice of the tenant.

  • We draw up the reservation document and the lease contract.

  • We help tenants with the procedures related to change of utilities, insurance, moving, alarm. In addition, we facilitate access to our marketplace of services.

More technology, less bureaucracy

At Zazume we care about our agents and want to make sure they succeed in their business. That's why we offer an easy to use platform that allows you to manage your properties and clients efficiently.

  • We digitize the entire recruitment process to make it faster and 100% online.

  • Say goodbye to commuting, now you can manage everything from the comfort of your home.

  • You have a 24/7 support team to help you with whatever you need, answer questions and offer advice.

More technology, less bureaucracy

Benefits of collaborating as a real estate agent at Zazume

Save time and increase your productivity

Our automated system will allow you to forget about the manual management of your properties. You can have the whole process on your mobile or computer.

Earn extra money

With Zazume, you can earn extra money by doing property viewings and/or bringing clients who want to rent or manage their properties with us.

Collaborates on a non-exclusive basis

At Zazume we do not ask for exclusivity. You can collaborate with us without restrictions and continue working with your regular customers.

Personalized attention

We are committed to our real estate agents. That's why we offer you a team to give you personalized support and exceptional attention.

Access to a wide range of services for rentals

Cleaning services, painting, home insurance... Increase your business opportunities and offer your customers a wide variety of options.

Intuitive and easy-to-use platform

You will be able to manage your properties online from anywhere and at any time, without the need for paperwork.

Become an agent of the leading residential rental platform.

Become an agent of the leading residential rental platform.

Doubts about Zazume

How do I join the program?

Sign up in the form at the top of this page and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible. You will still receive a welcome email so that you can enter your private area and start uploading properties that we can work on together.

What are the benefits?

Save time and costs: we manage the tenant search process completely and at no cost to you. We also take care of the contract signing, 100% online. Visibility during the whole process: you will have access to our platform. We will work successfully, and depending on your involvement in the process, we will gradually share the marketing fees.

Can I offer my clients your Guaranteed Rental service?

Yes, as an agent, it is up to you if you want us to intervene to offer our flagship Guaranteed Rental service to the owner.

Do I have to arrange viewings of the apartments?

No. It is not necessary, but it is recommended so that together we have a better chance of closing the rental contract. We optimize the process by pre-qualifying the future tenants and scheduling the visits according to your availability. We follow up and notify you when the contract is signed. You will have visibility of the entire process through the platform.

Do I have any exclusivity commitment with Zazume?

No, we only ask that the properties you work through our platform meet our quality standards: location, photos, publication date and marketing strategy.

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