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Are you looking for a qualified tenant?

Receive qualified applicants


Are you looking for a qualified tenant?

Receive qualified applicants


Save time by only getting visits from qualified tenants who match your preferences

One of the main problems as a landlord is looking for a good tenant who, in addition to adjusting to your preferences, is financially qualified. Finding qualified and trustworthy tenants can often take longer than we would like. That is why we have added a new tenant qualification tool that automatically filters those candidates who do not fit your preferences or who do not have the financial solvency to rent your home.

Qualified applicant

Noelia Pérez

Noelia Pérez, 43 years


Lives along, withoug pets

Qualified applicant

Juan Chacón

Juan Chacón, 29 years


Lives with his pet Dana

Qualified applicant

Javier Martin

Javier Martin, 44 years


Lives with his partner, and his daughter Andrea

Qualified applicant

Andrea Pérez

Andrea Pérez, 31 years


Lives with his partner, without pets

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What information will you have about the qualified tenant?

Tenant contact information

It may seem basic, but many applications do not include accurate contact information.

Profile and tenant relationship

Who is going to rent your property? It is a family with children, without them, a couple, a group of friends...

Employment status and monthly income

If tenants are employees, freelancers, students, pensioners... and above all how much is their monthly.


In addition to the monthly income, it is important to know if tenants have the adequate financial capacity, thus avoiding defaults and avoid any surprises.

Whether they have pets or not

Not all properties are suitable for pets, and for those that are, you have to take into account what type of pet. A turtle is not the same as a mastiff.

Good references from other owners

Although it is not a widespread practice, some tenants have letters of recommendation.

Save time with our new automated tenant qualification tool

Do you have a property published in idealista, fotocasa or another real estate portal?

Don't worry! If you already have your property published in idealista, fotocasa or any other real estate portal, send us the URL of the ad and we will take care of sending you only those qualified tenants who, in addition to being financially solvent, meet your preferences. And the best part? It is included in our tenant search service. 😉

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Avoid renting to not qualitied tenants who do not pay or do not take care of your property

It is difficult to tell if a tenant is trustworthy at a glance, so it is necessary to carry out an exhaustive qualification of each request. A good tenant is not only one who pays the rent on time each month, a series of requirements must be taken into account to ensure that everything goes well for the duration of the contract.

Avoid renting to not qualitied tenants who do not pay or do not take care of your property
Pays the rent on time every month
Is financially qualified
Adjusts to your tenant preferences
Is not a defaulting tenant
Meet the terms of the lease

Latest articles on tenant qualification

Requirements of a good tenant

Requirements of a good tenant

As a landlord, you have probably wondered how to find a good tenant. In this article we give you the guidelines to achieve it, but before knowing how we want to explain what a good tenant is.

How to find good tenants

How to find good tenants

Do you want to rent your home but do not know how to find the right person? Do you fear the consequences of having a bad tenant? If you have decided to rent your home, you will surely have many questions, doubts and uncertainty about how to find a good tenant and thus avoid defaults, problems living with neighbors or damage to the property.

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Questions about the qualification of tenants?

What makes Zazume different from a traditional agency?

Unlike traditional agencies, our strength is the use of technology with a tool adapted to your needs that enables a transparent, secure and agile experience. You´ll always have full visibility and control over the entire rental and property management process.

Is it really a 100% digital process?

Yes, the whole process is online, from posting to signing the contract. We count on professionals who will take photographs of your flat, making arrange the visits and do everything possible to make renting your flat a comfortable and worry-free experience for you.

How do I access my owner area?

If you already have an account with us, you can access it by logging in. New to Zazume? Register and complete the form to upload your property and access your private area.

How much does it cost to rent my flat with Zazume?

You can rent out your apartment with Zazume starting from just €59. We offer a range of services and pricing options to fits your specific needs at every stage of the rental process. Moreover, if you opt for our "tenant search" service, we provide a 12-month guarantee. This means that if the tenant decides to terminate the lease within the first year, you won't be required to pay the commission fee again.

Can you tell me how the rental process works?

In order to begin, we need you to fill out the form with details of your property. Once that is completed, our team will verify all information and if you request it, we will send a professional photographer to take pictures of your property. Once we have all the information we will publish your flat in the best portals and we will work on getting the best positioning. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the perfect tenant to arrive.

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