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Rental management in León

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Are you an owner?

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We manage the lease of your property in León from beginning to end, ensuring that the rent is collected every month.

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Finding a new tenant is often a process that takes time and generates the occasional headache. That is why it is important that, once we find good tenants, they feel comfortable in their new home. For this reason, at Zazume we offer a menu of services such as Save on your digital subscription, Laundry and Hairdressing which the tenant can request comfortably from their mobile.

Save on your digital subscription

Save on your digital subscription

Share the costs with a group of users already created or create a new one.



We wash, dry, and fold your clothes. Pick up and delivery to your home the day and time you choose.



Our in-home hairdressing service is performed by professionals with years of experience.



Too busy? Give us the instructions of what exactly you need to be done and we will care about it.

How much does it cost to manage my rental with Zazume?

To manage your flat, apartment or villa we have three plans available depending on the service you want to include

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Payments management

Incidents management

Direct chat with the tenant through our chat

Payments control and visibility

Cloud platform for document management of your property.

On the 10th of each month you will receive


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Questions about our Rental management Platform?

What is Zazume, and how does it differ from a traditional agency?

Zazume is a leading platform in the long-term rental sector with a mission to digitize the entire rental process. We have created a platform to provide visibility and control of your properties throughout the marketing and rental management process. Unlike traditional agencies, our strength lies in the use of technology. This allows us to offer a transparent, secure, and agile service—a service where you have control of your property. Additionally, being a 100% digital company enables us to reach all cities and towns nationwide. Unlike traditional agencies, our focus is not local but national.

What does the rental management with Zazume include?

Our rental management services include all the activities that may occur during the lease contract: management and resolution of incidents, payment management, potential claims for delays and non-payment of monthly rent, communication and mediation between tenants and the landlord. In case of non-payment, if you have our Guaranteed Rent services, we take care of claiming and managing the non-payment with the insurance company.

How does the management and resolution of incidents with tenants work?

As a property owner, you will always have visibility of incidents and their management by accessing the Zazume platform and clicking on the incident. The process for resolving incidents is as follows: Upon receiving an incident report, a member of our team verifies it and promptly responds to the tenant to initiate resolution. In some cases, resolving the issue may require sending a professional. In such instances, we will inform you and coordinate with the tenant to schedule a convenient time for the technician to visit. If there is any cost involved, we will send you a quote for your decision. We handle the entire process of incident resolution, but the final decision is always yours.

Do you offer guaranteed rent services and comprehensive rental management?

Yes, certainly. Many of our property owners prefer to guarantee their rent while delegating all management to our team of real estate experts. For this, we have two services: firstly, the Guaranteed Management service, for 5.5% of the monthly rent + VAT, ensures your rent, and our team handles all aspects of your rental. Secondly, the Total Coverage service, for 10% of the monthly rent + VAT, not only guarantees rent and manages your rental but also ensures you continue to receive the monthly rent in case your property remains vacant until new tenants are found.

Do you handle the entry and exit of new tenants?

Yes, we take care of both. If you choose the rental management service, our team will handle the arrivals and departures of new tenants to your property. For arrivals, this includes changing utilities, key handover, and everything necessary for the tenant to start living in their new home. On the other hand, when a tenant decides to terminate their lease, we manage the exit process, terminate the contract, collect the keys, and inspect the property. If necessary, we proceed to claim any deductions from the deposit for potential damages to the property.

In which areas do you operate?

We operate throughout the national territory, including the islands. Being a 100% digital company allows us to reach all cities and towns nationwide.

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