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We guarantee the collection of your rent month by month. Rent safe, get paid every time

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Owners area

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Owner or tenant using Zazume rental management software on his computer at home

View and manage all your rental payments in one click

Don't waste any more time verifying payments from your bank account and ordering invoices.

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Are you an owner?

Manage your payments and accounting with ease


Expenses, income, invoicing... All in one place!

All your accounting in a single platform

Your bank account, expenses, rent collection, analysis and more for you to access whenever and wherever you want.

Expense and revenue management

Keep track of the finances of your rental apartment to improve them and make sure you don't miss a single one!

Your invoices always available

Forget about searching for invoices between emails. Access them all from any device, wherever you are.

Automatic reconciliation of payments

Forget about logging into your account over and over again, we will warn you.

Financial analysis of your rental properties

Always have the financial analysis of your rental properties at hand to optimize them month by month.

Know the profitability of your home month by month

By having all your income and expenses in our platform you will be able to know your financial balances at all times.

Analysis, reconciliations, taxes, invoices, and more. Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets.

Automatic payment reconciliation

No more checking your account to see who has paid and who has not. Now you will be able to see the status of your rent payment and other expenses in one place. Plus, we notify you of everything right away so you don't have to worry about it.

Zazume team working on our rental management software

Control of revenues, expenses and profitability

Have control and total transparency on the expenses and incomes of your apartment. Register and see all the incoming and outgoing money in your rented apartment: repairs, monthly rent, management commission... Your apartment, your money.

Zazume team working on our rental management software

Track your home's metrics in real time

Don't miss a thing! Control everything that happens in your home at a glance. Income, expenses, balances, new requests.... All the metrics of your apartment always available on a single page.

Zazume team working on our rental management software

All your invoices in one place

Forget about searching for invoices email after email or rummaging through folders on your computer. Access all your invoices whenever you want, from any device you want.

Zazume team working on our rental management software

Exclusive financing for owners

Do you want to install air conditioning but it is a very high cost? Don't worry. Now we help you by financing the repairs, modifications and other expenses of your rental property.

Zazume team working on our rental management software

Do you want to see how it works or do you have any doubts? Schedule a call with our experts

Doubts about payment management?

What makes Zazume different from a traditional agency?

Unlike traditional agencies, our strength is the use of technology with a tool adapted to your needs that enables a transparent, secure and agile experience. You´ll always have full visibility and control over the entire rental and property management process.

Is it really a 100% digital process?

Yes, the whole process is online, from posting to signing the contract. We count on professionals who will take photographs of your flat, making arrange the visits and do everything possible to make renting your flat a comfortable and worry-free experience for you.

How do I access my owner area?

If you already have an account with us, you can access it by logging in. New to Zazume? Register and complete the form to upload your property and access your private area.

How much does it cost to rent my flat with Zazume?

You can rent out your apartment with Zazume starting from just €59. We offer a range of services and pricing options to fits your specific needs at every stage of the rental process. Moreover, if you opt for our "tenant search" service, we provide a 12-month guarantee. This means that if the tenant decides to terminate the lease within the first year, you won't be required to pay the commission fee again.

Can you tell me how the rental process works?

In order to begin, we need you to fill out the form with details of your property. Once that is completed, our team will verify all information and if you request it, we will send a professional photographer to take pictures of your property. Once we have all the information we will publish your flat in the best portals and we will work on getting the best positioning. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the perfect tenant to arrive.

Tenants looking for cheap rental flats in Zazume via their computer

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