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Try our tools for homeowners

You don't know at what price to rent your apartment? Would you like to rent your apartment safely and avoid any down payment? Do you want to know the profitability you would have if you rent your apartment? Find all the answers to these questions and more with our tools for landlords. With them you will be able to improve your process to rent well (or even better).

Rent calculator

Answer a few questions and find out at what price to rent your apartment. In addition to helping you set the price, we will ensure that you will be paid monthly, no matter what. In order to give you the price our calculator is based on:


The price varies greatly depending on where your home is located.

Size of the property:

Surface area and number of rooms

Condition of the apartment:

If it is a newly built apartment, is it in good condition or does it need to be renovated.

Current situation:

Our team of experts will assess what the owners around us are doing in order to adjust to the supply and demand of the area.

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Guide to protect your rent against non-payment

Download our guide and discover the keys to find good tenants and protect your rent from non-payment. After reading it you will have learned how to:

Identifying good tenants

Avoid future defaults

The importance of verifying the creditworthiness of your future tenants

How Zazume can help you achieve this

Zazume team working on our rental management software

Profitability calculator

It is important to know what is the profitability that gives us the rent of our house to be able to improve your earnings. That is why we try to make the calculation of this profitability as accurate as possible so that you can:

Increasing the performance of your rental:

Detecting possible points of improvement

To know if your investment is profitable:

To be able to adjust some points in case it is not with the help of our team.

Get the highest profitability:

The market is changing and we know how difficult it is to keep up to date, so we will help you maximize the profitability of your property.

Have the support of a professional:

In Zazume we have an expert team that will advise you and help you to make your property profitable.

Zazume team working on our rental management software

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