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We guarantee the collection of your rent month by month. Rent safe, get paid every time

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Say goodbye to traditional agencies! Guarantee your rental with Zazume

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Owners area

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Owner or tenant using Zazume rental management software on his computer at home

Invite and win 200€ for each tenant

When a tenant signs their first lease through Zazume you will earn 100€ and your friend another 100€.


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Invite a tenant to test Zazume

And earn 100€

Invite a tenant to test Zazume

And earn 100€

Who has a friend has a treasure but it is an owner... more!

And it is that in Zazume we do not stop growing thanks to people like you who trust in our work. That is why we want to thank you by giving you 100€ for each owner you invite and rent their home exclusively with us. Invite as many owners as you want to start renting well with Zazume.

If you know someone who has a rented flat, you get 50€

If your friend already has tenants living in their rental flat, and the monthly rent is over €600, you can get €50 (€25 each) if you invite them and they decide to manage their rental with Zazume

Zazume team working on our rental management software

Or if you know someone looking for good tenants, you get 200€

Even better! If you know someone who is looking for solvent tenants, you can invite them to try Zazume. In less than two weeks we will have signed the lease and at that moment you will get €200 (€100 each)

Zazume team working on our rental management software

How can you win up to 100€?

1. Signup on Zazume

To be able to invite friends and know who they come from, we need you to hava a user in Zazume

2. Fill the invitation form

You can complete as many forms as owners authorize you, so you can earn 100€ or 25€ for each one!

3. Get your money after signing the contract!

Once the contract with the owner has been signed, we will contact you to send you the reward.

Doubts about the referral program

What individuals can participate?

Those eligible to participate are individuals who are of legal age and reside in Spain.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can invite?

No, not at all. It's unlimited, so take advantage of it and invite as many homeowner friends as you have permission to.

When will I receive my reward?

You will receive your reward once the homeowner publishes and rents their property exclusively through Zazume or when they sign their rental management contract with us. We will get in touch with you to deliver the reward.

Is the reward you offer in cash?

No, what we offer is a gift card to spend on Amazon.

Tenants looking for cheap rental flats in Zazume via their computer

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