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What makes us different from a rental default insurance?

We offer a new innovative service, our Guaranteed Rent service offers you all the good things that rental default insurance offers and we also eliminate notice periods, upfront payments, etc, and that's not all, we also take care of finding a good tenant for you

Any rental default insurance

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No waiting periods nor payments upfront

You won't notice that your tenants has stopped paying, we take care of everything, you will receive the money in your bank account every month

Receive your rent on the 10th of each month, guaranteed!

We assure you the rent payment even if your tenant defaults

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We want you to rent safely and relaxed. Our experts team will help you in the appraisal of your rental price

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Solvency analysis and filtering according to your preferences. Because we know how important your home is

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Our team of experts will always be by your side to accompany you throughout the process and help you with whatever you need

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All your needs implemented in the most advanced rental management platform on the market. That easy!

Better than a rental default insurance

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Zazume manages the rental of all types of properties. From the moment of finding a good tenant until the moment of the termination of the lease, we take care of everything.

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Flat for rent in Av. del Ferrocarril



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Av. del Ferrocarril, Arganda del Rey
812 Rooms2 Baths

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Any doubts about rent guarantee insurance?

Default insurance requirements vs. guaranteed rent?

Both in a default insurance and in a guaranteed rent, the basic requirement is the evaluation of the economic solvency of the tenant. In our guaranteed rent we make sure that the tenant has solvency since we guarantee the payment of the rent every 10th of the month to the owner, whether or not the tenant pays. Other requirements is a current lease rental agreement. You can take advantage of the guaranteed rent both in the search for tenants and in a current contract, where we would carry out a solvency study of the tenants to find out the viability of the guaranteed rent

How much does a default insurance cost with respect to a guaranteed rent?

The price of a default insurance usually ranges between 3% and 4% of the annualized income, which represents a significant initial outlay. On the other hand, in a guaranteed income or guaranteed rent, it is deducted from the monthly payments, which means that there is no advance of money. In addition, our Guaranteed Rent service not only guarantees the collection of rent on the 10th of each month, it also includes comprehensive rental management, that is, payment management, incident management in the property, advice on improving performance of the property, etc.

Contract default insurance or Guaranteed Rent?

The experience of our clients, who 70% had previously taken out default insurance, confirm that our Guaranteed Rent offers them a better service than default insurance for several reasons: they collect the money promptly even if the tenant does not pay, since the bureaucracy that exists in these delicate moments is avoided; they do not have to pay the insurance payment in advance; and finally, they delegate incident management to an expert in the sector where they have a wide variety of industrialists to be able to solve any incident

Do I have visibility if my tenant stops paying?

That's right, with our platform you have direct access in real time to the payments made by your tenants. In any case, we take care of the default payment management to avoid the tenant's delinquency, and you will always receive your rent money every 10th of the month with the Guaranteed Rent

Does the Guaranteed Rental service have a grace period like default insurance?

No. With the Guaranteed Rent you will not have to wait one or two months to collect your rent in case of non-payment, but you will be covered from the first minute.

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