Empowering your residents

We created Zazume to ease the day-to-day of both residents as well as real-estate professionals. Our serviced marketplace eliminates friction during the onboarding of a new home and allow you to easily add a variety of services to each family.

Our Story

Time is the most precious asset we have and Zazume was created with the intention to make the life of residents easier. We partner with real-estate professionals to provide resident-centric technology and make the residential process easier. This allows us to deliver differentiated in‑home services such as easily setting up utilities, finding the best insurance policy, easily order cleaning, laundry or care.

Our team will help to revitalize your building and ensure that we convert every asset into a serviced apartment. People will again get to know their neighbours and your community comes back to life!

The idea for Zazume was born during the early days of the 2020 pandemic. After having worked for several of the leading technology & hospitality companies, Jeroen and Guillermo founded the company with the belief that with technology we can optimize people's time.

"Zazu" is the advisor of the Lion King who assists him during his life's journey and helps where needed. In a similar way, Zazume adds a hospitality layer to your communities!

The Founding Team

Jeroen Merchiers

Ceo & CO-founder

Founder & GP of Lanai Partners. Ex-Managing director of Airbnb in EMEA. ex-COO of Groupalia.

Guillermo Ceballos

CTO & co-founder

Lover of technology, product, business. Co-Founder of GymForLess/AndJoy.

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We partner with real-estate professionals to transform their apartments into serviced homes so that your residents can live a maintenance-free lifestyle!