Learn how Zazume will improve your residential assets.

We partner with property managers, multi-family administrators, real-estate agencies and asset owners to transform their properties into serviced homes. We work to delight residents, empower buildings and unlock new revenue – all with one integrated solution.

Property Managers

  • Being a property manager means multi-tasking and interacting with different stakeholders. Our open-ended technology streamlines the communication with your residents and offer them a differentiated service.
  • Integrates with your property management system
  • A marketplace will facilitate the residential experience and generate additional revenue
  • Consolidate maintenance requests & real-time interactions

Multi-family administration

  • Managing a multi-family community requires a lot of coordination on a variety of topics. Zazume will help you manage, improve the experience and generate new income.
  • Easier communication between co-owners and the administrator
  • A marketplace will facilitate the residential experience and generate additional revenue  
  • Log & track maintenance requests

Real-estate agencies

  • Modern real-estate agencies want to continue to add value to their customers and ease the onboarding process for their new home. Our solution will smooth the process and guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Easy-to-use solution to provide additional services to your customers: utilities, internet, insurance etc.
  • Integrate with your system to automate all transactions
  • Professional support team to deal with any issues during the process

Asset owners

  • Zazume partners with asset owners to offer a property management service that transforms buildings in serviced apartments powered by cutting-edge technology and personalized hospitality services.
  • Management contract & master lease with real-time transparency
  • A marketplace to facilitate the residential experience from onboarding to in-home services
  • Managing of common areas and organization of community events