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Are you an owner? We will advance you up to 24 months of your rent

Accelerate the purchase of new properties, make a reform in your homes, or any other project you propose. Everything is possible with the advance of your rent.

We advance you up to 24 months of your rent

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Loans are complicated, our rent advance no.

Pablo advanced his rents with Zazume

Pablo rents his home for €850 per month. Upon learning about our service, he requested an advance of 24 months' rent for which he received €15,504. Now, over the next few months, the rent of his home will gradually amortize the advance he received. So simple, convenient and fast. No guarantors or paperwork. *The service has a cost of 12% per year in advance.

Pablo advanced his rents with Zazume

Get your rent advance in 3 simple steps


Fill in the form with the data of your home

It will take you no more than 5 minutes


We will carry out a solvency study of your tenants.

Just provide us with the information and we will take care of everything.


Enjoy your money

Once approved, all you have to do is enjoy your advance.

Immediate liquidity available

Our rent advance service provides you with immediate liquidity, which means that you can have access to your rental income ahead of time. Enjoy up to 24 months of rent advances with no restrictions or limitations. It's your money, and you decide how to use it. Increase your real estate portfolio, renovate your home, cover unforeseen events or carry out any project you have in mind.

Immediate liquidity available

Financing without guarantors or debts

Our rent advance service does not require guarantors, which simplifies the entire process. But best of all, it does not count as debt when applying for other bank financing. This is because we are not offering you a traditional loan, but simply advancing your money for a few months.

Financing without guarantors or debts

Why ask for a rent advance with Zazume?

People using Zazume rental management software on his computer at home

Obtain immediate liquidity

Receive up to 2 years of advance on the rent of your home so you can use it for whatever you need and/or want.

Use your money without limitations or restrictions

Invest in new properties, refurbish your home...

Financing without guarantors

You do not need any guarantor because it is not a cash loan, it is an advance on your income. This does not affect future loans or your line of credit.

Do you want to offer this service to your clients?

Our service is designed to owners but we also collaborate with real estate agencies and/or administrators so that they can offer rent advances to their clients and thus improve their experience. If you want to know how we do it, schedule a call with a member of our team and we will answer all of your questions.

Do you want to offer this service to your clients?

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Buen trabajo Zazume
Zazume presta un servicio atento y profesional. Facilita en todo momento la gestión tanto para el arrendador como para el arrendatario. Las personas que me atienden habitualmente siempre procuran ayudar y solucionar los problemas y con la máxima celeridad posible.


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Doubts about rent advances

What is rent advance?

Rent advance is a service offered by Zazume that allows you to receive an advance amount of money, based on your future rental income, to help you cover your immediate financial needs. Instead of waiting for your tenants to pay monthly, you can get a one-time advance payment.

Is the rent advance a personal loan?

No, the rent advance is not a personal loan. It is a service that allows you to use your future rental income as collateral to obtain a cash advance. It does not involve the accumulation of debt and does not require credit history or income verification.

Is there a maximum amount for rent advances?

Yes, the maximum amount you can advance depends on the annual rent of your property. Zazume allows you to advance up to 24 months of rent, but the specific amount is subject to a calculation based on your rental income.

Will the advance of rents appear in the CIRBE?

The rent advance with Zazume is not registered in the CIRBE (Central de Información de Riesgos del Banco de España) as it is neither a loan nor a debt in the traditional sense. It will not affect your credit history or your ability to obtain financing in the future.

Can I request rent advances for more than one property?

Yes, you can request rent advances for multiple homes under your ownership. At Zazume we give you the flexibility to use this service on as many properties as you wish.

What is the cost of this service for me?

The cost of the rent advance service with Zazume is 12% for each year advanced, and is discounted at the time you receive the advance. In addition, you will have to have a rent guarantee service contracted with us for the entire period of the rent advance repayment.

Do I have to manage my property with Zazume to obtain the rent advance?

No, it is not necessary to delegate the management of your property with Zazume but it is necessary to have a guaranteed rental service.

What happens if my tenants don't pay?

If your tenants do not pay, do not worry, we guarantee the rent and therefore we protect you against non-payments and vandalism. In these cases, we take care of collecting and claiming the rents in case of non-payment or delay, insuring your rent.

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